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MS Concentric Reducer Sch 20 40 Black Seamless Pipe Fitting in Pakistan

MS Concentric Reducer Sch 20 40 Black Seamless Pipe Fitting in Pakistan

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ms pipe

MS Concentric Reducer Sch 20 40 Black Seamless Pipe Fitting in Pakistan

MS Pipe Fitting are made of carbon steel,  which is also called plain-carbon steel, that have strong frame to make sure the stable operation, which also have high strength.MS Pipe Fitting With the good treatment on the surface, it is smooth and glossy with no burrs, which touches comfortable. And it is resistant to corrosion, oxygen, water and dust that it has long life span that it can be used for a long time.

MS Pipe Fitting Product Features

 MS Pipe Fitting Uniform strength
 MS Pipe Fitting Cost-effective
MS Pipes Fitting Applications

  MS Pipe Fitting for Pressure Lines
  MS Pipe Fitting for Power Stations
  MS Pipe Fitting for Water Supply
  MS Pipe Fitting for Steel Constructions
  MS Pipe Fitting for Fencing
  MS Pipe Fitting for Ship Building
  MS Pipe Fitting Bridges & Buildings


Fitting : MS Pipe Fitting Sch 40 , Sch 20

Color : Black

Pipe: Seamless / MS Fitting also available

Ends : Plain ends, cutting, threaded with coupling, beveled, flange, etc.

Application : Construction pipe, structure pipe, Greenhouse pipe, Building material tube, Furniture tube, etc.

MS Pipe is a steel pipe that is perforated from the entire round steel and has no welds on the surface, which is called seamless steel pipe. According to production methods, MS Pipe seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-drawn seamless steel pipes, extruded seamless steel pipes, top pipes, etc.

According to the cross-sectional shape, seamless steel pipes are divided into two types: circular and irregular. The irregular pipes have various complex shapes such as square, elliptical, triangular, hexagonal, melon seed, star, and finned pipes.

At keeping the pace of industry developments, we have an extensive range of  Strong and Durable MS Pipe and MS Fitting , Ball Valve, Gate Valve in Pakistan. Here you have MS Pipe at a reasonable price in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, and all over Pakistan.



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