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Plastic Crates Heavy Duty 20 Liter Model P3 Strong Durable in Pakistan

Plastic Crates Heavy Duty 20 Liter Model P3 Strong Durable in Pakistan

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Plastic Crates Heavy Duty Model P3 Strong Durable in Pakistan

Size Inner Dia Inch :  17.5 X 14 X 6.5

MODEL : P3 , 20 Liter 

Product Attributes

High Quality Manufacture Using

Prime Raw Material 

Tough and Long Lasting 

Crack , Chip and Corrosion Resistant

Light Weight and Easy to Handle 

Stackable and Nestable

Extremely Economical in the Long Run

Our eco-friendly Plastic Crates are designed to be truly economical and provide high performance. This multi functional storage Plastic Crates features a ventilated and stackable design. Perfect for use in your Factories, Vegetable Markets, office, Home etc.

Fantastic quality and durability.

Suitable for the catering industry and many other industries.

Plastic Crates with a perforated or ventilated base and sides used throughout a range of industries including food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and catering, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and electronics, warehousing and retail distribution.

Plastic Crates are often used for food handling and food storage; their perforated sides and base make them ideal plastic crates for handling perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables.

At keeping the pace of industry developments, we have an extensive range of  Strong and Durable Plastic Crates in Pakistan. Here you have Plastic Crates  at a reasonable price in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, and all over Pakistan.



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